September 28
10:00 AM PDT


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For most security professionals, the insider threat is a hazy, misunderstood danger. It’s difficult to quantify and even harder to detect. Enterprises of all sizes have struggled to assign a true cost or risk factor to insider attacks. At Dtex, we’ve been on the frontlines in the fight against insider threats. We’ve seen firsthand the effects of insider threats in industries both big and small, ranging from financial services, to manufacturing, to healthcare and beyond. Now, our upcoming study in conjunction with the Ponemon Institute, “The Cost of the Insider Threat,” has finally calculated the monetary cost of insider attacks in all kinds of industries.

In this 45 minute webinar, we share the threats, blind spots, and knowledge that we’ve uncovered at leading global organizations. You’ll learn:

  • The three distinct, different forms that the insider threat can take.
  • How much money enterprises are losing to insider attacks.
  • The security measures that can save your organization millions of dollars per year.
  • Real-world examples where sophisticated and mature security programs failed to detect insider data theft.
  • The keys to detecting and stopping each different type of insider threat.  

Josh Ablett

Prior to joining Dtex as SVP Product / CISO, Josh was SVP Fraud for RBS Americas, leading the response to insider attacks, e-crime attacks, and external attacks. He led enterprise program management efforts at Citizens Bank and JP Morgan Chase and has consulted with a number of security vendors.

Real-World Examples

We've seen firsthand that expensive security programs often aren't enough to stop insider attacks. We'll share some real examples of how insiders can get past sophisticated security, and show how they could have been stopped.

Insider Profiles

In reality, insider threats can take very different forms. Most organizations aren't even paying attention to the most dangerous -- and most expensive -- types of insider threats. We'll show you the distinctly different insider profiles and share the best methods for approaching each of them.

The Key to Security

So many vendors claim to stop the insider threat, but many of them don't have the capability to really stop these attacks. We'll teach you what you need to look for in order to implement an effective insider threat solution.